What Makes Us Special


Sweetly Stevia ® is 100% Natural due to our Patented Extraction Process

  • We only use 100% natural ingredients.
  • No laxative side effects.
  • Our product is Non – GMO and Gluten Free.
  • UK’s first and only Vegan endorsed Sweetener.
  • Halal and Kosher Approved.

We Extract and Purify Using Only Water

Unless you want to chew on the leaves, stevia leaves need to have their sweetness extracted from them (result = steviosides).

However, many extraction processes do not use 100% natural techniques to draw out the steviosides. Many use ethanol, methanol, or even rubbing alcohol to extract and purify. This not-so-natural process can result in a bitter after-taste. We use a patented process that extracts and purifies the sugary goodness using only water. Our process is 100% natural and results in a product that Genuinely Tastes Like Sugar.


Sweetly Stevia ® Genuinely Tastes Like Sugar

Most stevia products taste bitter and leave an aftertaste. However without including alcohol and artificial ingredients, our product genuinely tastes like sugar.

A taste panel conducted by Oxford Brookes University’s Consumer Quantitative Research Food science Department found that Sweetly Stevia ® was not bitter and did not linger  in the mouth afterwards. 70% of adults in the taste panel could not tell the difference between Sweetly Stevia ® and Sugar.


 We are Less Expensive Than Other Sweeteners

Whilst not as cheap as sugar, Sweetly Stevia ® is healthier and better value for money than other sweeteners.