From Field to Table


Sweetly Stevia’s ® patented extraction process means there is no longer the taste-tradeoff you find with other sweetener options



Ours is a non-GMO crop and its farming, extraction and purification requires less water, land and energy to produce the same amount of sweetness found in other natural sweeteners including sugar.



We establish long term relationships with local farmers, primarily in South America, with a view to improving the lives of the communities there.


Extraction & Purification

Unless you want to chew the leaves, stevia leaves need to have their sweetness extracted from them (result = steviosides). We use a patented process that extracts and purifies the sugary goodness using only water. A bit like giving our leaves a power shower. Our process is 100% Natural and results in a product that Genuinely Tastes Like Sugar.



Our high purity stevia can be up to 400 times sweeter than sugar. In this pure extracted form, steviosides are too sweet for human taste buds so companies like us need to add fillers to make the sweetness more palatable. We only use natural ingredients of the highest quality so our blend is 100% Natural.


Packaging & Shipping

We use sustainably sourced material wherever possible. For example, our shelf ready casing uses FSC Certified material & our ink is environmentally friendly. We even picked our UK transport company due to its efforts to reduce its environmental impact; they use rainwater for vehicle washing plus its warehouse vehicles operate with the latest battery technology to reduce charging time and energy usage.


Your Home

Via your chosen retailer, Sweetly Stevia’s ® low calorie-sweetener is refreshingly uncomplicated. Sprinkle it on your cereal. Spoon it in your tea and coffee. It won’t end up on your conscience or your thighs.


Your Factory

Sweetly Stevia’s ® trust mark was developed to provide reassurance of the promise of high purity, natural origin stevia from a trusted industry leader.

Manufacturers can enjoy the following benefits from free -licensing the Sweetly Stevia ® trust mark:

• On-pack licensing of trust mark to communicate high purity, natural origin stevia
• Association with leading global brands which also utilize our trust mark
• Participation in global marketing initiatives